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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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paying out invoices against that contract, you can count it as fully expended because it's not available to be trued up and redistributed. so, we are going to have a difference between the cash balances and prior period adjustment [speaker not understood] 100% expended but then still continue to show the activity really with their term, they think of it as we're just requesting authority to access our reserves [speaker not understood]. >> no, i think -- and i apologize. because i think my question -- the answer to it doesn't really matter to us, right? i think my question is how are they going to be able to tell that, right? i'm looking at two periods, i don't know how they're going to be able to true up anything with the way that they're defining reserves because it has a couple different definitions now. but i think -- no disrespect, i think that maybe thinking about it, that question i asked is not -- i don't know that the answer is for us to be
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concerned about. so, i okay. >> i would further say that each rops period, they'll learn a little more ~ and probably give us somewhat new instructions next time. so, it is definitely iterative and evolving. >> you guy are maintaining the detailed spreadsheets. i can guarantee you it's going to change in 6 or 12 months. but it seems like [speaker not understood]. >> and i made sure to get the dos analyst directions in writing as well that we can remind them as well, this is how you directed us to [speaker not understood] the rops. >> excellent, thank you very much. this is not an action item so we can move on to the next item, madam secretary. >> thank you. next item is item 6, public comment. madam chair. >> thank you very much. do we have any speaker cards? >> oscar james.
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oscar james again. i want to bring up two things that -- well, three things that's been bothering me. one, certificate of preference holders in south -- well, i would say down by moscone center, that area, there were people that were relocated out in those houses, too, that had certificates that has not been brought up. and i think they should be added onto the list of certificate holders. the other thing i want to bring up is turnkey housing. back in '73, '74, i served on a
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committee, honorable [speaker not understood] and burton and i brought up the suggestion of about homeless housing and also turnkey housing, people who are coming out of foster care, [speaker not understood] housing. out of the 540 acre that's in the shipyard, they're going to be developing all of that. i haven't heard since that time, me and mrs. vincent brought it up in the p-a-c meetings, what have you. we need to have housing for people in our community who have been in foster care and who are turned out of foster care housing for them. we also need to have housing for those people in our community who either became homeless, fill in some of those projects or buildings for them in the hunters point shipyard. i mean, it was 540 acres. and when i served on that committee, our concern was the people who were affected in our
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community, and those people are people who have been affected in our community and nobody has spoke up for them. i wish for this commission to look into that and possibly make some kind of adjustment to make those things possible for the people in our community. not only our community, also for the rest of the people in the san francisco bay area. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. is there any further public comment? >> no other. >> thank you very much. please call the next item. >> report -- the next order of business is item 7, report of the chair. >> i do not have a report with me. thank you very much. next item. make it sound very important, serious. >> the next item of business is item 8, report of the executive director. madam director. >> i have two announcements, commissioners. one, this is all good news based on the actions you've taken and the financing actions you've taken.
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so, on march 1st, it may have been in your packets, but we can make sure you have it. dr. davis senior center otherwise known as 5800 third street or carol avenue senior, there is a groundbreaking ceremony on march 1st that coincides with the date of black cusine. district supervisor, the mayor, other folk will be in attendance and prominently featured in the invitation as a primary funder. so, march 1st, i encourage you all to attend and let us know if you'll be coming. and then also another good news event, april 17th, the hunters view phase 2 groundbreaking for which you authorized $21 million, that, too, is another groundbreaking that's gotten pushed, the new date is april 17th and that, too, leader pelosi will in fact be attending that event along with the mayor and other important invited electeds. and, again, your significant contributions to make that happen. so, i encourage you all to
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attend. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. i was driving around last week at hunters view because i didn't get the e-mail. definitely driving around in circles at hunters view. okay, next item. >> the next item of business is item 9, commissioners' questions and matters. madam chair. >> thank you very much. are there questions and matters? i'll tell you one thing, i know i want to recalendar the certificate of preference item to talk how the mayor's office of housing is handling that. we had questions before, but definitely talk about the dda today, yes, talk about that. but >> but the m-o-u is coming back at some point, right? >> yes, the m-o-u was calendared for your second meeting in march, march 18th, i believe. so, we would expect to tackle a lot of those issues. there were a number of follow-up items and questions you and members of the public had. so, we're in the due diligence period, making sure we're responding to your questions
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and concerns with the mayor's office of housing community development. >> okay. i would say let's see how march 18 is shaping up. i don't want to -- there's lots of other things in the m-o-u and i don't necessarily want to high jack the whole discussion with certificate of preference because i think there are some questions that won't be answered by the m-o-u that we need answered how they're going to manage it, how they're going to develop that, how are they going to extend it. i don't want to get caught in that. maybe we can make it the same day hopefully. >> but you're not going to be here. >> oh, i'm not going to be here. i will talk to you about that. yes, i am actually missing the march 18 meeting. i think we can manage through the regular agenda process with the chair and vice-chair to make sure there is a balance of item and that commissioners are -- we have the full complement of the commission for matters of important concern. ~ >> yes. thank you, tiffany. [laughter]
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>> thank you for your testimony. okay. any other questions, matters? next item, plea. >> the next order of business is item 10, closed session. >> thank you very much. i'd like to take a recess for just a couple minutes. anyone here is not directly involved in the closed session item, i would ask that you please leave the hearing room and madam secretary, please change over the tape and we will reconvene in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. we have reconvened regular session at 3:20. madam secretary please call the next item. >> the next matter of business is item 11, madam chair, adjournment. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned at 3:21. [gavel] [adjourned]
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in in this cfo memory i remember having cfo with mile-an-hour grorm >> and they were having sausage with my grorm. >> and i was six or seven and i made a face. >> when i was younger i had a preference for cfo i used to drink it but that did something to my body.
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>> i've been drinking coffee since i was 17 role the only thing i'm good at i have trying to find my way through school i jousted coffee and decided to do that for the rest of my life i started looking into the process of the coffee and where it came from and where do those beans come from oh, they come from a fruit. >> the coach stays with me i grew up and one day i'm going to own a coffee shop i should at it in 98 i visited over 11 hundred coffee shops to see why people go to come over shops.
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>> we've searched beans api all over the world tokyo and south america. >> when i wanted to do was get into every aspect of the coffee and real estate there was multiply steps of making a great cup of coffee. we do is revolt and that's because with the qualifies of coffee shop and once you revolted it it how far anyone else's and the coffee and one thing about the coffee they were special blends i create. i spent seven years on one blend. each bean is all chemistry and blend with each culture and beans is like people beans and
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those people give me a reputation and it only happens fwhons a lifetime. your clients love you and that's what happens. >> but then i fell in love a eternal hanging out at the coffee shops the coffee woosz terrible by the community aspects i initiated. >> i think it's a important place to find your friends and people. >> you love my city san francisco has a good name and a reputation and has every culture in this planet in san francisco. it's a small city 7 by 7 but
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it's huge. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i role like the idea of staying in the neighborhood and after living here the entire time there's one thing that's important the people talk about seattle and they talk about seattle and san francisco. or portland and san francisco. san francisco is definitely on the cutting-edge of coffee scene in the entire nation >> there's so much romance in coffee it is around the sourcing of it and how it got her it's a
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complicated thing. >> i know for a pharynx born to make coffee i got it from my dad that's the life i live speaks for me. let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good afternoon, everybody i'm loped brodie i'm the supervisor for 5th district i'm excited because i believe this is the model for how affordable housing should be done in san
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francisco when we build housing to other locations to develop all below rate i want to thank by thanking the developer brian and those hopes are going to be absolutely amazing. i'm here to express my commitment to make sure that san francisco is doing everything this can to continue our work on affordable housing. we talk about when we do that wrong well, this is the case we doing to right and pushing more affordable housing in so far. without further ado, i'd like to bring up mayor ed lee any public comment? mayor ed lee has not only been an advocate for affordable housing but one the first mayors to take on the housing issues so
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i'm proud of the work not only with public hours but affordable housing thank you all for coming and without further ado, mr. mayor come on up and tell us about this project (clapping.) spreading thank you very much for that introduction. by the way, i want to let me u know supervisor breed and i you're going to see us together from affordable housing to public housing she's worked hard and i want to thanks her. if we are going to build thirty thousand units of indoors the next 6 years i'm going to need friends like supervisor breed. we're going aggressive because people want to live in our wonderful city a lot of people
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79 to stay in our city and we can only accommodate that if we are almost military eric about building and pitting together how does. i'm going looking forward to seeing those homes but i want to restate a commitment one it's evolved in conversations with supervisor breed and other supervisors our advocates in the city we've got to be graph about building protecting and middle-class housing so when we stated thirty thousand unit that sounds like a lot but it that r will reflect the highest number of housing we've built in the history of the city. we're willing to do that because
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that's what is the needed so it's a mixture of not only building housing but rehabilitating housing that's decaying in front of us so the fund the public-private investments that we create something like the story about this site the incentives we'll have for the public-private industry we're building as well as is public monies the supervisors will decade to this effort will you'll conclude in the next 6 years thirty thousand units of housing. we can't get this done simply by dlaifrg this cause we have to make it happen therefore in the last december i called for all agencies to work with me to make sure they are processes were the welcoming result it concluded in a series of meeting that are
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lead by mravp and building inspection and including our fire department our housing units all the different agencies and including the offices of sgblt & anothers it's not easy even if i head up this bureaucracy ask any ceo of any great place and you're asking me to do it here i've got to get in done internally i know it rings true inform supervisor breed. get on the same map and same promising program and same pass so planning and dbi i want to recognize angus for being the person in charge he is making
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sure that bill strong is working with us we take advantage of this goal and let's reorganize the tools within our sfog to work n in the same fashion. i have a responded positively by immediately suggesting short-range and admitted and long-range to do. today i've rewarded them by adapting they're short range recommendations i'll highlight one. is to say anything in the pipeline that has any affordable housing attached to it gets attention immediately. it's hard to do without the leadership the city agencies coming do i dough but we're phone number for two reasons one to reflect the implementation of
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the policy we are going to throw mr. brown and dbi and a public works we are going to lift those are projects up and give them priority attention and the second reason is to suggest that the developers of those projects should hear about immediately. because what it does is have a very dedicated reinclusion monk the developer community in the city. that if you have ava's part of our development you're going to get go attention. it used to be kinally if you had money you'd get attention but if you have housing particle affordable housing you're going to get the same kind of
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attention. so it's to reversible within the developer community and this is important incentive advised them to put housing on the sites or in the private investment to is your developments will get high priorities in the city. another highlighted part is to have concurrent reviews so our staffs start juggling things i'm not looking yours because you're not in the cue in the right order those housing projects get immediate review. that's important that's how important this development is. i will suggest as part of this is that when we said thirty thousand units that's always rehabilitating unit we don't
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want to lose 10 thousand unit so we're pay attention to the current housing stock that's why mrs. wolf i've had the good fortune to work with she and others have pushed forward another policy reflective in those instructions that development and developers who want to bring forward units that might not have been legal in the past will get priority treatment and as we look at each development we at one point make sure that the developers are not decreasing the number of units in the development process so to give a good you holistic look at all developments to make sure we prevent the housing stock and allow the developers to legal
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lists and a make more legal those units that might have been in the studios and not permit developers to suggest oh, because i have tenants in unit that might not have been legal we can get rid of them we're saying the oppose to preserve the housing stock we're not going to getting let you decrease the housing stock in the city. those are some of the major highlights i'm embarrassing and all the head agencies from dbi to disability to the rent board to the fire department to all agencies even the board of appeals they're here we're working together to get this done and the right way. i wanted to bring to your attention and by the way, it's raining so 13450i8 it's a great
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day i'm smiling when it rains and it's the year of the horse and we've got housing and i know i'm going to meet a tenant some place who's family is here in the city and works in the nonprofits and who has a member of the family that's part of the artist it iic community this is san francisco's families we want to help stay here and grow here they've got a small child and will be one of the first ones to move in i love hand to hand out keys this is what supervisor breed and i love to do for people who want to stay here and grow their families and be here open market street that. brian you've done a wonderful job this is a site you've
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controlled. if you saw what was happening at the site being an old restaurants and being unutilized having families who are here to pay below market rent half one bedroom and 20/20 bedroom we've wified up for everybody i'm simon smiling we need more acquisition states i sites i know that our staff is talking about every site we can get control of get developers to help us build for nooshl affordable units 23 below market units on this site in the heart
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of market street. not a domino of city funds. which went into this it's all privately paid for as part of the housing going that brian can tell you about he was building market rate condominiums not part of castro but are happy to do it this can be the example of the kind of example and relationships we want to for this with our development community yes, in the future we'll have more of those how to work with developers like brian who wants to do more in our city this is heartfelt for 23 families but it will be a symbol we need 23 more projects immediately. i'm happy to be here and to thank our different divisions
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and departments working with us and brian has a attempting team and to suggest that he and other developers come in and i've got thirty thousand units to build in the next 6 years and we're excited to do that. maybe we can take a few questions on this >> almost thirty thousand units how realistic is that and how (inaudible) prioritizing how quick can you bring those in. >> we know things and britain will tell you their history of working with the city and a
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planning department what moves things and not bureaucracies didn't move things. and 1rir789 review processes could be toilgd up. our agencies working together could do con current reviews building won't look at this until planning department don't and fire the last everyone can work concurrently to accelerate all those projects why do you handicap offices that cause one and a half years of review as opposed to 6 months of review. thoses are things that are practical the community is going to praise us and our bureaucracies didn't respond very well until he felt the need to put this on the fast
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accelerated agenda. yes, sir. it's grave but we've got to do it for the people who are waiting to 0 move into those places their atkins at the door can we shorn e shorten that line by neurology our efficiencies. i think we can do that. this year open market street alone 5 thousand 5 hundred units 6 housing will be opened up for homeownerships. with that backdrop we can do it with many more projects we need to see hunters point sledder we can do this we're all on the same package and if not supervisor breed is going to make sure shows


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